Hire Me

In addition to writing speculative fiction and poetry, I also work as a freelance editor, doing developmental editing on speculative fiction, copyediting, and poetry editing. My rates start at $0.03/word or $30/hr depending on the project, and are negotiable for trade of other kinds. My poetry editing has helped sell poems by multiple authors, including EP Beaumont and India Valentin, and focuses on clarity of voice, rhythm and meter, and meaning.

I research professionally, and live within access to world-class research libraries and the Library of Congress. My research specialties are medieval England and France, magic and esotericism, the history of food, medieval Christianity, and the history of gender and sexuality, but my interests are far-ranging and I’d love to hear about your project if you’re looking for a research assistant with access to academic databases, so please get in contact!

I also do disability advocacy and education work starting at $140/hr for private consultations by email or live chat. If you are interested in what I can bring to the table regarding accessibility, many discussions are available by searching my Twitter handle and the word ‘accessible’ and ‘accessibility’. I have already written a lot of material about accessibility, ADA compliance, and disability that is representative of the sort of issues that matter to me and on which I have personal experience or expertise.

Please contact me through the web form if you’re interested in working together.