Publication Announcements

Somehow the month slipped past without the announcement that “Sunken” finally came out at! While this website is going through a transitional overhaul at the moment (pardon the mess and un-updated bibliography!) it’s a poem I’m tremendously proud of. I have not forgotten my promise to give you an essay about the poem’s inspiration and roots after it appears on my Patreon first.

Aleksei and I just recently returned from our MFA residency, which was exciting in some ways and challenging in others. If you don’t follow my twitter closer, you may have missed I have been diagnosed with non-epileptic seizures and am still trying to bring those under control, which can limit my computer usage. My semester is devoted to studying orientalisms in ballet, the use of Arab as Other, learning to play the oud, creating new musical compositions, and choreographing ballet works which draw on the traditional ballet canon for disabled bodies. Patrons have already heard some of my minimalist piano pieces about what a seizure is like. I am debating publishing some of these musical compositions.

Finally: after eternal excitement, the Sunvault Anthology is set to deliver August 29! If you pre-ordered, backed, or buy a physical copy, for the cost of the stamp, Aleksei and I will write a signed & personalized nameplate in the form of a sticker to put in the book. (If you are a Patreon backer, this offer is free to you!) It’s a phenomenal collection. I’m very proud of my story in it, “The Desert, Blooming”, and very proud to be featured alongside the other works in it. It’s not every day you get to be a part of something that feels as big and important as this anthology feels: but it feels very big in this moment of despair and hopelessness about the environment to be publishing a post-apocalyptic story of hope. Aleksei’s poem “The Seven Species” is also a part of the wonders within.

If you are interested in a nameplate to put in the book (or any other physical book I am in, including the last two Rhysling Anthologies or Spelling The Hours), please let me know via the email form on my website or on twitter how you would like it personalized so we can finalize it by email before exchanging postage costs.

Thank you for your support on the journey. Monthly, a poem by Aleksei or I is published on our shared Patreon, where he also shares art and I share music. We share other things too– I shared a non-fiction prose-poem about the time I lived in Charlottesville, VA, and updates about our longform work. It’s going to be an exciting semester. I have one more piece of poetry news I hope to share with you soon!

Thank you again. The kind words, comments, and feedback from readers continues to sustain my writing pratice and has emboldened me to try something completely, wildly new. You make this work possible.

If so moved, please consider tipping via or joining our Patreon for monthly poetry and other wonders. We are trying to push over into the realm of self-publishing our own short stories and novel excerpts for Patrons, and every pledge (yes, even $1) helps us get closer to that goal! Especially if you enjoyed “The Desert, Blooming” please share the Patreon widely: it is set in a wider world, and the main character features in a large novel.

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