“Angels of the Meanwhile” & an interview!

Exciting news. The charity anthology for the poet Elizabeth R McClellan, “Angels of the Meanwhile“, will be publishing my poem “The First Wife”, which is about Lilith and Eve and the spaces left when relationships fall apart. I am thrilled to be sharing a table of contents among some of my favorite poets writing right now, people whose work excites me and gives me energy to keep writing. To be appearing alongside Rose Lemberg, Bogi Takács, Catherynne M Valente, Lisa Bradley, Amal El-Motar, and many others, is an exciting moment for me. Until May 1, you can preorder the anthology for a donation of any amount. As someone who suffers from shoulder issues and who has had medical mismanagement run amuck with my arms, the driving cause of this anthology is very important to me.

I was also interviewed by EP Beaumont in a talk about sustainable writing and personal writing habits, though the conversation ranged all over and included writing music, research, and writing as a survival mechanism for mental health issues. I talk a bit about how I cope with chronic pain and disability as a writer, and what I do to keep from injuring myself with my physical limitations. (TW: mentions of suicide)

I missed highlighting it at the time here, but Bogi Takács reviewed my poem “The Haunting” for eir Diverse Poems recommendation. You can read eir comments, and some of the conversation that followed, here!

On a non-publication note, I am a participant in Camp NaNo this month, with the goal of writing 1,000 words on short fiction every day. I’m currently behind (of course I am) but at 6,000 words on day 9, I think I might be able to catch up! So far I’ve produced 1 rough draft for a short story and notes and outlines for several more pieces. As the month progresses, I’ll be updating with how much I write during NaNo and how many pieces came out of it.