Poem Sale: ‘Death By Three Senses’

I’m excited to announce I’ve sold another poem to Strange Horizons. A.J. Odasso has announced they bought my horror poem “Death By Three Senses” for the spring season. I’m excited by the news Strange Horizons will also be publishing more poems by¬† Layla Al-Bedawi and Bryan Thao Worra in the spring, and I am excited to discover all the poets who are currently new to me who will also be in spring issues.

“Death By Three Senses” is another one of my ghost stories, naturally, but ghosts take a sharp turn into what I consider one of my first successful ventures into poetry of the horrific — an exploration of necromancy, sacrifice and the things we do for love, and not to be alone. It will appear in 2016.

As a belated note, my poem “I Am Alive” was also featured in the Strange Horizons podcast, read by Julia Rios. Rose Lemberg also reads their poem “Ranra’s Unbalancing” in this podcast; I was fortunate enough to be an early reader of Ranra’s Unbalancing and am thrilled to be appearing alongside it. It was also reviewed by Charles Payseur in a Quick Sips write-up of Strange Horizons.