forthcoming: The God of Small Things, with Aleksei I. Valentin
When Ganymede wakes up banished to a small southern town as the powerless barista Dorian after a Bacchic revel, he’s certain he doesn’t have what it takes to become the immortal god that Dionysus promises waits inside him if he can only stand up to Zeus. Can the disguised Dionysus, a couple of maenads, and Dorian’s new human friends teach him how to say no?

forthcoming: ‘The Desert, Blooming’ (Sunvault Anthology of Solarpunk and Eco-Speculation)
Luyn’s first trip outside the Dome does not exactly go according to plan — but what does, when venturing into the Desert to plant ancient trees? Part of the Peninsular Kingdoms universe.


forthcoming: ‘Date Night With The Astronomer’* 2nd place winner of Balticon 51 Poetry Contest

Loving those who love the stars isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

forthcoming: “Sunken” (

When their island home sinks, a boat full of strangers try to find reasons to keep going on the open seas.

‘Notes on a translation: The Isoperimetric Inequality’ (Patreon)

A new translation, commentary and historical notes on an ancient poem by Lady Zuria the Mystic. Part of the Peninsular Kingdoms Universe.  Funded by Patreon subscribers.

‘Жар-птица’ (Patreon-only) with Aleksei I. Valentin

When all hope of recovery seems lost, a strange and ancient faerie comes for the man who thought he would never fly. Part of the Faerie States universe. Exclusively available to Patreon subscribers.

‘Backgame’ (Myriad Lands, vol II)
In the midst of a magical siege, a necromancer makes an irrevocable decision to use her powers for resurrection — but being a revenant is not exactly easy for the resurrected. Asexual and trans Own Voices representation. (Trigger warning: warzones, transphobia.)



‘My Heart Is Set On Wandering’ (Strange Horizons)
We all yearn to be seen and recognized — especially the forgotten dead. A love song to Louisiana’s lost Filipinos.

‘The Doppelganger and the Ghost’ (Eye to the Telescope 22: Ghosts) * Rhysling Nominated
Sometimes the real monsters are the things people believe are the truth. (TW: Transphobia, dysphoria)

‘The Lost City’ (Remixt Vol 1, issues 2 & 7)
There’s something in his bones, or his blood, that calls him back to the cities that will kill him — and someone who keeps him from returning.

‘The Doorway’ (Pedestal Magazine)
The search for the sunken city cannot end as it began. Across universes, someone comes for a drowning man. (Trigger warning: drowning, suicide) There is an accompanying essay.

‘The First Wife’ (Angels of the Meanwhile)
Eve wonders, if Eden is a paradise, what went wrong with Adam’s first partnership? Angels of the Meanwhile is a special charity anthology to benefit Elizabeth McClellan. A donation will give you the digital chapbook that includes the poem, among many others.

‘The Lessons of the Knife’ (Spelling The Hours) (Patreon)
The Victorian surgeon James Barry was a medical pioneer in more ways than one. This poem tries to honor some of them.

‘Death By Three Senses’ (Strange Horizons)
When you love people, sometimes you do the unthinkable to save them. It does not always go as planned.

‘Witch’s Brew’ (Stone Telling)
It takes more than a border crossing to leave magic behind.

‘Florida Water’ (Self-published)
When a spirit chooses you, you cannot really say no.(Trigger warning: violence against women)


‘Dionysus of the Downtown’
Some of us were always made in the images of the gods — and some of the gods made themselves after us. Set in the universe of “The God of Small Things”.

‘I Am Alive’ (Strange Horizons)
Parallel universes, and all the things that never quite happened, close in after a terrible accident. Also featured as a Strange Horizons podcast reading by Julia Rios.

Columbus’ (Self-published)
Not every murder ends in death. (Trigger warning: violence, cultural appropriation)

‘An Unexpected Guest’ (Liminality Magazine) * Rhysling nominated
When you are the only one left who remembers, sometimes the dead find you. Set in the same universe as “The Haunting”.

‘The Woman Sings Her Marriage Into Being’ (Through The Gate) * Rhysling nominated
Death cannot stop true love, only delay it for a little while. A woman takes to her ancestral burying places with magic to bring her wife home.

‘Among The Dead’ (Liminality Magazine) 
In love with many ghosts, a young man seeks to enter the kingdom of death to pay a visit to those he loves best.


‘The Haunting’ (Liminality Magazine)
A ghost story, about the ghosts you love and the ways you keep them with you.

‘A Broken Heart’ (Liminality Magazine)
War, genocide, and medicine tell dark stories from one space-bound body.


Muse of Research II: Food As World Building 
An EP Beaumont interview about how I use food as a form of worldbuilding.

Review of Sonya Taaffe’s “Ghost Signs” in Stone Telling
A review of a haunting collecting of ghost poems. (Spoiler: I loved it.)

 The Muse of Research at the Skiffy & Fanty Show
A 1000-word excerpt of an interview with author EP Beaumont about research and its impact on my storytelling and writing process.

Writer Tech with EP Beaumont
A conversation with EP Beaumont about sustainable writing, health as a writer, creativity, music, and writing and mental health. A lot about my personal process writing as a disabled writer. (TW: discussion of suicidal thoughts)


My masters thesis, which explores the magical rituals of medieval folk Christianity as an important expression of lay piety. In addition to religious studies theory and primary source research, a historical narrative about a fictional medieval family helps imagine how rituals in and out of the Church interplayed to give structure, meaning, and agency to late medieval laity.

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