Lev Mirov has been writing stories since before he could write English characters, scribbling lines in notebooks and “reading” his stories back. A changeling child, he once wrote a book of poems as a birthday present and played music on the piano he heard in his dreams and tried to walk through trees. A magic lamp once predicted he would bring peace to the world with his baked goods. As a teenager, he fell in love with the medieval world. He wrote two theses (one undergraduate, one masters) at Goddard College about gender, power, religion, and folk magic in the medieval world. He ran away with a dancer who opened doors to other worlds to find his real family. He spends most of his time at home with his spouse, a historian who writes speculative fiction and poetry as Aleksei I. Valentin, writing, researching, reading, and converting recipes from around the world to be gluten-free.

Lev writes poems and stories about his dreams of dying, ghosts and what it means to love them, the people in history you have forgotten existed, magic that tastes like Ukrainian gold wine, being the Other, abandonment, unconventional families, space as a fantastical realm of magic, ballet as religion, and the futures of people society hasn’t had very much regard for. He writes about ghosts and necromancy and blood magic, because those are the things that keep him tied to the realm of the living. He has been published in Liminality Magazine, Through the Gate, Strange Horizons, and other fine poetry venues. Lev’s poetry has been nominated for a Rhysling twice. His short fiction has appeared in the anthology “Myriad Lands” and is forthcoming in the “Sunvault” anthology.

Some ways that Lev identifies include: Filipino, Cherokee descended, third-generation American, mixed race, chronically ill, disabled, queer, genderweird, dandy, dead. He has hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and chronic pain associated with frequent joint dislocations and migraines, a complication of the condition. He lives on the east coast of the United States in the center of three state borders but everyone knows he’s secretly a foreigner from a country with no name. His patron saints of inspiration include: Anna Akhmatova, JRR Tolkien, Erzuli Dantor, Denethor from Lord of the Rings, Empress Maud who was  almost the first ruling queen of England, Dr James Barry, Dionysus Liberator, Rudolf Nureyev, the mythical medieval saint Katherine of Alexandria, and Laika, the first dog in space. He thinks real life is always much, much weirder than fiction.

Longform projects Lev currently are working on with his spouse, Aleksei I. Valentin, include:

  • Ethical Necromancy, a universe in which dead people & revenants return en masse in the early 2000s & reintegrate into society
  • Faerie America, wherein a faerie queen invades in 1919 and the whole world is changed; told through the eyes of disabled WWI veterans, ancient crusaders, and refugee ballet dancers.
  • The God of Small Things, in which Ganymede, exiled from Olympus for fraternizing with Dionysus, must decide if it is true there is an immortal god deep somewhere inside him. (out early 2017)
  • Azemur, a secondary world inspired by the collision of cultures and religions in the Iberian Peninsula and al-Andalus, a queer poly steampunk regency romance where time travel sometimes happens to medieval poets and historians from the post-apocalypse. (First short to appear in 2017)


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