My poem The Doppelganger and the Ghost has been nominated among the 2016 Rhyslings. This is exciting and unexpected, and I’m very proud to be featured among friends and favorites for this year’s Rhysling considerations.

The Sunvault Anthology has released the full table of contents. I am excited my story “The Desert, Blooming” (a prequel to the time-travel novel set in the world of Azemur and Garnatah) is there among some of my favorite writers (and am pinching myself excitedly that I will get to be there!) In a lovely symmetry, my husband Aleksei also appears with a poem.

For more info on what I was up to in January, see this free-to-all Patreon post about having H1N1 and writing during the flu.  The Patreon also features free art and is where some poems will have their first debut. Our Patreon funds have dropped slightly so if you’ve been on the fence about supporting our long-term work, the tier after the grocery fund will allow us to release short stories from the archives, which means more stories for you.

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